Improving Operations by Implementing a Big Data Platform

We live in a fast-paced changing world, surrounded by data. Nowadays, companies are producing larger and more diverse volumes of data, facing increasingly complex challenges in handling them. Data ingestion, storage, higher throughput, complex processing requirements, real-time analytics –  all these technical challenges needed to be addressed, as innovation and business requirements grew exponentially. 

How can we achieve this? At the end of the day, it is mandatory to rely on updated, stable, and scalable systems and to gather all business data in one place.

During this presentation, we will share the story of building the first big-data platform within Carrefour, covering aspects like:

  • Building the data foundation
  • Ensuring all data is served where needed, when needed
  • Simplifying the architecture, by implementing a data-centric one, open-source and cloud-agnostic   
  • Scaling horizontally to meet new business needs and technical evolution

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