Requirements and guidance for submitting papers


Big Data Week Bucharest welcomes innovators, industry experts, data analysts, forward-thinking academics, technology enthusiasts, and business leaders to share their insights, discoveries, and progress with Romania’s vibrant big data community.

Submit your proposal through the form below, or by email, at hello[at]bigdataweek.com. The selected speakers will be invited to present on the BDW Bucharest Conference stage, on October 15-16, 2024. The conference focuses on delivering practical knowledge in big data and AI through a main stage for key topics and targeted workshops for deeper technical learning and skill-building.

Suggested topics for presentation include, but are not limited to:

  • Advances in Big Data Architectures
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Innovations
  • Data Analytics and Insights
  • Ethics and Governance in Big Data and/ or AI
  • AI in Business: Case Studies and ROI Analysis
  • Big Data Tools, Solutions, and Strategies
  • Data-Driven Culture and Organizational Change
  • Industry-Specific Big Data Applications
  • Privacy, Security, and Trust in Big Data and AI
  • The Role of AI in Big Data Management
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Big Data and AI
  • Scalability and Performance Solutions
  • Real-time Data Processing and Analytics
  • The Convergence of IoT and Big Data
  • Quantifying the Societal Impact of Big Data and AI
  • Sustainability in Big Data

We are seeking thought-provoking presentations across a wide spectrum of topics within big data and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to curate a comprehensive program that not only addresses the latest technological advancements but also considers the broader implications of big data and AI on society and industry. We are mainly interested in use cases, inherent challenges, and how particular business and societal problems are solved through data exploration. Best practices, use cases, and next-generation big data solutions are welcome to be presented on stage.


You can propose one or several speaking engagements on your choice:

  • Conference Talk – a 40-minute presentation, including the Q&A session. You are welcome to propose several talks if you wish.
  • Interactive Workshop – half-day (3-hour) skill-building sessions led by experts on a specific topic, preferably with hands-on labs/ demos and in-depth technical knowledge.

The deadline for submissions is August 27, 2024. The Big Data Week team will invite selected speakers to participate by September 10, 2024. Please note we have a limited number of 40-minute speaking slots available, within one of the two tracks mentioned above and related workshop sessions (2-3 hours in length).


Complete the submission form below. We will reply by September 10, 2024.  Please note that the accepted papers/subjects must be presentation-ready by October 1st, 2024. Big Data Week organizers will audit the submitted content. All presentations will be delivered in English.

Join us in shaping the conversation around the future of big data and artificial intelligence. Submit your papers and be part of an event that aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth in the industry.


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    Please submit your paper/presentation in one of the following formats: .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .pps or .ppsx. For any other suggestions of or request for speakers contact us via email: hello[at]bigdataweek.com.