Big Data Week
A Global Festival of Data
BUCHAREST CONFERENCE – April 7-9, 2020 – Radisson Blu Hotel
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Big Data Week goes to the heart of big data to examine how it is used in practical business scenarios. One week filled with events:

  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Meetups
  • Conference
  • Exhibition
  • Demos
  • Technical talks
  • Business presentations

A conference bringing the latest discoveries, providing actionable insights, and showcasing best practices that you can take away for direct implementation.

  • Big data technologies
  • Trends
  • Infrastructure
  • Use cases
  • Implementation examples
  • Multi-track event
  • Expert advice, insights, and best practices

Confirmed speakers

What Is Big Data Week?

Big Data Week is a worldwide concept of community events focusing on the social, political, and technological impact of data. We bring together a global community of data professionals, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and new ideas about data.

Big Data Week is hosted across a number of major city hubs reaching Europe, the Americas, Australia and Pacific Asia.

The festival connects a number of global cities through locally hosted meetups, events, networking functions, data-visualisation, demos, debates, and hackathons.

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