WORKSHOP: Big Data Essentials

Doing more with data is increasingly on the minds of middle managers or IT professionals these days. While machine learning and advanced analytics or AI are praised as transformative technologies the sheer amount of information out there is confusing and can be discouraging.

This workshop will walk you through the essentials of jumpstarting a big data initiative in your organization. We’ll cover:

  1. Business use cases:
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Generic
  1. Essential technologies:
  • Scalable processing software technologies
  • Scalable Infrastructure Cloud & On-premises Ecosystem
  • Scalable Data Science
  1. Building a Team
  • Required Expertise
  • Essential Data Exploration team
  • Minimal In-house Big data team
  • Pushing transformation in rigid organisations


  • Basic statistical understanding: There will be no coding but an understanding of probabilities helps understand the concepts faster.
  • Basic understanding of IT systems: What a server is, how it operates, how an on-premises infrastructure looks like from a topology perspective, what a VPN is will help.
  • Basic organizational structure understanding: An understanding of the decision making process of a medium or large organization helps.
  • None of this is compulsory and we welcome enthusiastic professionals, who are at the beginning of their journey into this exciting field.