Spark Intro

Apache Spark is the terrible kid within the Big Data solutions/architectures –  a distributed computing framework, the unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing, … – there’s not much that you cannot do with Spark (besides storing data, of course, but that’s not its aim). Supporting Scala, Python, Java, R and SQL as programming languages and both batch and streaming data processing, Apache Spark managed to become in the 7 years since becoming an Apache project one of the most popular processing frameworks. 

In this workshop we aim to introduce Spark throughout several hands-on exercises (beware we will work in both Scala and SQL):

  • How to read data in Spark and write data from Spark 
    • From batch storage: CSV, JSON, Parquet, Avro formats 
    • From streaming engines: Kafka streams  (using Spark structured streaming)
  • Possible operations on data (working with dataframes)
    • Transformations vs actions
    • Caching of data
    • Partitioning
  • Analyze data in Spark using Spark SQL 
    • Register Spark objects as tables and let SQL do its magic

Prerequisites for this workshop: a good understanding of distributed systems and systems like HDFS or NoSQL solutions. Although we will work in Scala and SQL, its not mandatory to have previous experience – we will focus on what can be done with Spark, rather than the programming side (functional programming).

Requirements: have a computer that can connect to public cloud (no VPN), Google Chrome and an SSH client present on your computer. There will be no local installations, we will work in cloud. 

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