Kafka Intro

The scope of this course is to provide an introduction in Apache Kafka. Being an introductory level this course can be attended by architects, developers, devops, product managers – the course provides an overview of the main concepts and architectural components as well going in detail in the 3 main use cases of Apache Kafka: messaging bus, data storage and streaming platform.

1. Apache Kafka Fundamentals

  • It is just an infinite file
  • Producers: writing messages to Kafka
  • Consumers: reading from Kafka
  • Hands-on using command line

2. Kafka as a messaging bus

  • Sending events and/or state over the bus
  • Event-driven architecture vs. event-sourcing architecture

3. Kafka Streams

  • KStreams
  • KTables
  • KSQL Overview
  • Hands on using Kafka SQL


  • general understanding of cloud, big data, SQL


  • internet connection
  •  ssh client installed

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